Two Popular, Cheap Cell Phone Options

It can be challenging to find a good deal on a cell phone plan. There are many phone options, from the trendy iPhone to powerful Droids to the business-class BlackBerry. These “smart” phones are more expensive because they allow you to surf the Internet, use email, and perform advanced features günstige handy abos.

An iPhone 4S costs about two hundred dollars. To add to that, there is a two-year agreement and a $50/month fee. And of course, the apps you’ll be buying. The cost can quickly mount up. There are many more options that are wallet friendly. The two most affordable cell phone plans are offered by prepaid companies.

TracFone Plans

The astronomical prices for smart phones has led to a rise in popularity of prepaid plans. Customers will often choose to lower the phone’s capabilities to save money rather than add more features and customizations. Many customers don’t find Internet connections worth the cost and will opt for basic texting and phone calling capabilities.

TracFone’s low prices make it one of the most popular companies offering no-frills phone plans. TracFone offers low cost annual, monthly and quarterly plans. TracFone offers the possibility to upgrade plans to get monthly or yearly subscriptions. TracFone models are popular with parents who want to monitor their child’s phone calls and not have to worry about large bills. They can also be used for occasional, cheap use. TracFone gets positive reviews, but customers who are unhappy with TracFone have complaints about their customer support.

Net10 plans

Net10 is another company that offers time-based subscriptions. This allows their customers to stay on a regular, flexible payment plan that can be adjusted at their discretion. Net10 bundles minutes with a limited number of service days. When either the minutes, or the time run out, the phone will stop working and you must purchase more. The per-minute rates are slightly lower than TracFone. This makes them a more attractive option for those who use their cell phone a lot.

Net10 offers advanced models, but many of the phones are basic in calling and texting. Net10 offers plans for one month, two years and anywhere between fifteen to two hundred bucks. It is affordable enough that everyone can make use of the calling plans without worrying too much about recurring billing.

Net10 customers mostly like the payment plans. They are able to track time spent and money they have spent. Some customers dislike that they have both to activate and purchase minutes. Net10’s Prepaid Options make it simple to switch to another service if you feel it is necessary.

An increase in smart phone prices can mean a big bill for customers just wanting basic communication. These prepaid plans, which are very affordable, offer the most basic option. These phones are only available in major retail stores. They do not require any contracts or commitments beyond the initial payment.

You have a choice of different ringtones to choose from for your cell phones

Mobile technology has come a long way in the past few years. The mobile ringtone can be changed on most cell phones in a matter of minutes. There are many options for ringtones, and you can search the Internet for information on all available ringtones.

You have the option to download a mobile ringtone for free or pay a fee. It really depends on which site you’re buying the ringtones from. A few websites offer a simple monthly subscription that allows you to download all the content. Some others offer a meal subscription that allows you to buy every mobile media you want. You should always verify the financial information before purchasing or using any ringtones. Sites can sometimes charge extra for free ringtones.

These are the most commonly used ringtones today by mobile users.

Movie Theme Music Ringtones

People from all walks and professions love movie theme music ringtones. Many movies now have entertainment packs available for mobile users, which include everything from a theme to a phone ringtone to personal icons. This is because companies understand the importance of the mobile media industry. Some of the official movie theme tunes and ringtones will cost you money to download but others would be available for free.


There are many old songs and tunes available as ringtones. This is a great way of connecting with retro music. You can also download the most popular songs from pop music, country music, and rock balls. These songs will most likely be available to you via your phone operator or any one of the many sites that offer mobile ringstones and other forms of mobile media.

Game Themes

Computer games have become a main stream activity. Many mobile games offer official themes, ringstones and ringtones. These ringtones can sometimes be inspired by the in-game music or themes. If you want to, they are a great way that you can show your fandom.